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Welcome to 2018. Everything in Internet Marketing is about to change. At least that's what they are all going to say in all of the prediction blog posts you will read. Everyone seems to be posting their predictions about 2018 because they know that no one goes back a year to verify accuracy. The prognosticator is king for a year.  If they happen to get one right, they get to brag the whole next year.But they don't care if they dn't.  They got what they wanted. These posted predictions are just guesses by professionals and those who wish to be thought of as professionals.

Mobile-Friendly Isn't Just a Choice Anymore You probably have already heard that Google was going to give preference to mobile sites. Although they threatened months ago, and you didn't see a difference, they have gone and done it. The change is being rolled out slowly, so you might not see it yet - and you my see a lot of volatility on Google results now; and probably rarely on your desktop or laptop. They decided to put mobile friendly sites first where the most people search - on mobile devices. Google is always trying to list the most relevant sites and ones that can

The concept of marketing online carries with it an air of mystery, and it can feel like walking with a blindfold. Campaigning within the magical world of algorithms, indexes, coding and spiders isn’t very tangible, making it hard to fully understand. There is no definitive source from which to learn everything, and the information is constantly in motion. Since our world is more engaged online than ever, though, having a proper online presence is critical to business success. So, we put together a short list of common fallacies, so that you can avoid unnecessary failure online. “Build It and They Will Come” Many business owners