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Land Architect Studio, LLC is a professional Atlanta-based company that provides custom landscape architecture services to homeowners, contractors, builders and developers.


Their website failed to showcase them as a professional landscape design architect for both residential and commercial clients. on multiple levels. Not only did the site not appear professional, it failed to showcase their expertise in design. The website was a jumble of links and low end design which betrayed their high-end design pricing. The goal of this company is to design creative landscapes. In a sense they were selling art and needed a gallery setting versus their current low-end design. Up to this point, the site was not converting new customers.

In addition, wile much of the information needed to make a decision was located somewhere on the site, it took a lot of reading and digging to get to it. The profuse use of internal links left visitors going in circles, rather than giving them a clear path to what they needed to know.

They also had bad navigational issues, antiquated SEO tactics, poor quality images, non-responsive design for mobile and a disorganized page structure.

LAS Original Website


The goal was to build a website that would showcase their design capabilities, appear as a high-end design gallery and drive users easily to the proper actions to convert. This project required a complete website rebuild in order to organize the information in the most strategic manner. It needed to be image-heavy to immediately give visitors an idea of the type and quality of service they would be getting with Land Architect Studio. Besides giving it a more intuitive navigational system, we also gave it a more modern look, purposeful conversion tactics and a proper landscape photo gallery with high-quality images.

Content needed to be added to the site to make the nature of the business more clear upfront to both humans and search engines. We also went with a hybrid parallax design to keep the information easily accessible, yet simplified the message and put it right out in front with a spotlight on it. We also included some trust logos on the homepage to add credibility to the business. We put text, photos and videos in logical easy-to-find places, and categorized the services for simplified retrieval of information.

The design of this website is now a purposeful strategy; guiding visitors to the information they need to know and convincing them to take action.

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