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Welcome to 2018. Everything in Internet Marketing is about to change. At least that's what they are all going to say in all of the prediction blog posts you will read. Everyone seems to be posting their predictions about 2018 because they know that no one goes back a year to verify accuracy. The prognosticator is king for a year.  If they happen to get one right, they get to brag the whole next year.But they don't care if they dn't.  They got what they wanted. These posted predictions are just guesses by professionals and those who wish to be thought of as professionals.

Mobile-Friendly Isn't Just a Choice Anymore You probably have already heard that Google was going to give preference to mobile sites. Although they threatened months ago, and you didn't see a difference, they have gone and done it. The change is being rolled out slowly, so you might not see it yet - and you my see a lot of volatility on Google results now; and probably rarely on your desktop or laptop. They decided to put mobile friendly sites first where the most people search - on mobile devices. Google is always trying to list the most relevant sites and ones that can

The concept of marketing online carries with it an air of mystery, and it can feel like walking with a blindfold. Campaigning within the magical world of algorithms, indexes, coding and spiders isn’t very tangible, making it hard to fully understand. There is no definitive source from which to learn everything, and the information is constantly in motion. Since our world is more engaged online than ever, though, having a proper online presence is critical to business success. So, we put together a short list of common fallacies, so that you can avoid unnecessary failure online. “Build It and They Will Come” Many business owners

Let's face it. If you look online, there are 1000s of SEO blogs and articles on how to do SEO or quick and easy shortcuts. SEO advice also fills your email box and it's a quick Google search away. Much of the advice is accurate to an extent, but it depends on when it was written and the other conditions of your website presence and online competitive atmosphere. And yes, I'm being vague on purpose. Well, read it all but to quote the old Thin Lizzy song, "Don't believe a word of it." I'm not saying that the blogs and articles are lying, but most

The Easy Way Comes with Risks Taking shortcuts can typically get us to our destination more quickly. Taking certain marketing shortcuts, however, can cause irreparable damage to your business image. Whether you are advertising on air, in print, or online, everything you do should be done well. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an expense that never gets recouped, and a business that struggles to survive. Shortcut #1: An Ineffective Landing Page or Website When it comes to advertising your business, it is better to be invisible than to be visibly unimpressive. We stumbled upon a sponsored ad on Google the other day. It led to one

Get Involved and Stand Out Gone are the days of handing off your SEO campaign to someone to “handle it” without your involvement. Sure, it can be done, but not remarkably. Much is lost without you. Search engines need to know that you are current, active and producing the useful content expected from the experts. Otherwise, they’ll assume the opposite and rank you in the bowels of organic search results accordingly. As such, you must make sure that the information and expertise that makes your business unique trickles down to the people “speaking” for you online. [box_colored_alternative border_color="e.g. #57b7d6" title="SEO is not about telling the

It’s an exciting time when you make a big marketing move with your business. You’ve done your research and you’re ready to start looking at agencies to do the work. You need your website to be state-of-the-art and your name to rest comfortably on the front page of Google. The perfect cocktail of web design, SEO and online advertising is about to be mixed. So, let the bidding begin! But wait… Are you really going to hand over your web presence to the lowest bidder? Before you go down with that ship, let’s take a look at the perils of low bid marketing. You

As you look at your competitors online, you may wonder why they deserve to be ranked higher in the results than you. After all, you have a bigger, better website will all the right SEO ingredients - your software, a blog article, or even your prior SEO person even said so. You’re blogging like mad, using proper headline tags and sprinkling keywords in all the right places. So, why does Google give the other "lesser" sites so much credit? The answer is simple. Google has almost gone full lock, stock and barrel into rewarding meaningful brands for a topic, throwing keywords to the

If you want a “cheap” way to drum up new business, you need an effective strategy. That may not equate to bargain basement prices, but it will equate to getting the best return on the investment you make. What you don’t want is a low-cost venture that causes you to lose potential revenue because it can’t get the job done. You need the right message, in the right place, at the right time, for the right price. Here are some tips on how to spend as little as possible to achieve that goal. How You Get More Customers the “Cheap” Way Use Everything You’ve Got Often,

Have you ever driven all over town to get what you needed for a project, only to find out later that you could have gotten them all in one place? You may have contracted with us to build a website or get your business found online, but we want to take a moment to make sure that you know the extent of what we do right here under one roof. We are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in website design and development, search engine optimization, Google paid search, social media management, and graphic design. So, when you need additional website or marketing