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I have noticed one thing that many Facebook entrepreneur groups have in common. In almost all the groups, the common theme is people saying that their biggest challenge is "marketing". I hear and believe them, but I'm also going to say without hesitation that their belief is a bit misguided, inaccurate and incomplete. A more accurate assessment would be, the biggest problem is not wanting to SPEND on marketing. They are looking for free and low cost ways to blow up their business. A good way to explain this disconnect is the gold mining experience. First, everybody who headed to the hills (and to

Like most businesses, at one point there is a search for information about having a website built, a website redesign or online marketing. If you don’t have a website yet, then read on and save your sanity. If you have one already that you want replaced, read on and plan your next move the right way. Inevitably, you are out networking or you already know a web developer - so you call them up and ask the worst possible question you can ask: "How much would it cost for a website for my business?" We understand that you may have budgetary concerns, but quite simply

Normally, our SEO clients get a report each month that explains, along with their rankings, what is happening with their account.  At the time of the reports, we mentioned Google releasing a major algorithm shift in early August. We didn't know what to say at the time, except to just mention it and promise to study it. This algorithm update was one the most drastic changes we have seen in a long time. This time they weren't going after a specific target, but the nature of websites altogether! No site within any niche was safe. Not even the top results on the page

Let’s face it. If you look online, there are 1000s of SEO blogs and articles on how to do SEO or quick and easy shortcuts. SEO advice also fills your email box and it’s a quick Google search away. Much of the advice is accurate to an extent, but it depends on when it was written and the other conditions of your website presence and online competitive atmosphere. And yes, I’m being vague on purpose. Well, read it all but to quote the old Thin Lizzy song, “Don’t believe a word of it.” I’m not saying that the blogs and articles are lying, but most