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March 2014

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The two marketing methods that we get asked about the most are SEO and Social Media. People want to know which one is better, how can they do it themselves, and if those efforts make a difference anyway. It’s hard not to chuckle when there is an expectation that a quick one-size-fits-all answer could be spewed out on the spot. As I presume my friend Albert would agree, it’s all relative. Which one is better, SEO or Social Media? SEO and Social Media seek out two entirely different audiences, and which one is better really depends on what you are trying to achieve. Actually, Social

Advances in technology are making information on products and services accessible from almost anywhere. So, of course, business owners are lining up to modernize their websites and make use of these high-tech tools. Lately, the chatter is all about mobile apps; but, not every cool thing out there is a perfect fit for your business. The proliferation of apps and those heralding them would have you believe that they were a “must have” for everyone. So, the people we talk to often want to know if they actually need an app in order to stay competitive. We always answer that question with a question