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December 2013

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I’m a bit far removed from the actual gold mining experience; yet, it does make for a perfect Internet Marketing analogy. First, everybody who heads to the hills (and to the front page of Google) expects to get rich. Second, not everyone does. Let me explain not only why that is the case; but, how to increase your chances of success. The guy who strikes out on his own with the tools he had in the shed is not fully convinced that he will find gold. He minimizes his investment in hopes of maximizing his profit. The problem is, he is leaving much of

We all know what spam looks like when we receive it in our inbox. But, you may be an accidental spammer yourself; and, getting blocked by ISPs and email programs can put a serious dent in your message. Modern anti-spam programs are fairly sophisticated, and it’s worth your while to understand how to avoid the filters. I will try to break it down to its simplest terms. There are several things that the spam filters look at when scouting for spam. Each item has a point value; so, a single issue may or may not get your email tagged as spam; but, if the