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May 2013

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You may have heard the buzz about another monster Google algorithm update that hit the SEO realm last week. There was warning, but it still caught many by surprise as it came out months before expected. This was a major algorithm update, and it affected many businesses. But, there is good news! The impact of what is being called “Penguin 2.0” was minimal for our clients, many even moving up in Google rankings. Because we keep up with changes and adjust our strategy on an ongoing basis, our work is usually in line with updates. This was no exception. Google changes its search algorithm 500-600

When we evaluate a website, the first step is to give it a 30 second fitness test. Seriously, that’s how long it takes to determine whether a website is minimally equipped to compete for both visitor and search engine attention. There are certain telltale signs that a website is out-of-date (or modern, but poorly built) that stand out like a girl wearing a blue dress on Yellow Dress Day. In a glance, your website needs to very obviously declare its purpose to the visitor without distractions. A general rule of thumb is that a man from Mars should be able to figure out what