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February 2013

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Have you ever thought, When I’m successful in business, I’m going to give back to the community? Perhaps you are doing it, or maybe growing your business took more effort than you thought and philanthropy was put on hold. What if I told that the time or money you put into charitable endeavors could be an incredible marketing tool AND make the world a better place at the same time? To me, it sounds like I just saved you money, made you money and made your philanthropic dream a very real first priority. Before I give you a few guidelines for adding a charitable

The incredible control over targeting your audience and spending on quality clicks that convert to customers in AdWords is, by far, the greatest leap for advertising this century.  No other medium can boast such audience data and allow instant campaign refinement according to that data.  On top of that, Google is doing everything in its power to make Paid Search accessible to all, most notably with AdWords Express.  But, how do you make sure it helps you actually make money and grow your business?  Well, you just have to do it right. Adwords Express is the “small business friendly” version of AdWords came out

By now, you have likely heard of Facebook’s humorous entry into the search game.  While humor was not the intention, a Tumblr parody account spun it funny with great success.  So, what is Graph Search and how will it affect your business?  In short, it’s a highly targeted search of Facebook friend history; and, it should be a good thing for businesses on Facebook. Graph Search has been lauded as a search that could potentially outrun Google.  If you have experience with paid promotions on Facebook, you know how great it is to be able to target your campaigns based on very detailed demographics