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December 2012

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Around December each year, we fix our eyes on the coming New Year.  We envision bigger successes, both personal and professional.  We are full of hope and ready to work hard, right after we get back from vacation.  So, what is it that will make 2013 even better than this year?  Well, it starts with taking a good look at 2012…right now. Businesses cannot grow based solely on an inspirational New Year’s resolution, although inspiration is always a good start.  It takes a good hard look at what has happened up until this point, then some solid planning.  It’s a hectic time of year

Have you ever thought that there just has to be one thing you could do to propel your business to financial glory?  You are not alone.  Business owners constantly scour competitors advertising in search of the missing link.  While it is always good to keep an eye on the competition, proceed with caution.  From the outside, you have no idea what is bringing their success, or what their books look like. There are a lot of illusions out there. Illusion #1:  With a great new website, I should be at the top of Google search results.  After all, my web designer put SEO into