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November 2012

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Do you lower your gaze and mumble when someone asks if you have a company website? If so, I would guess that it has something to do with the fact that the website was created circa 1997 in basic HTML. Or, perhaps you designed one last month just before you ordered new business cards with a different look or logo. You may still be wondering if the free or low cost drag-and-drop site was the way to go; but, at least you have one you tell yourself. Some of you may not even know if you have a website. Your “guy” said he

In the excitement of growing a business, almost all owners sometimes wonder if they could be doing more. That is when they look for someone outside to tell them what is wrong. My best advice? If you have a marketing strategy that is working, you should stick with it - maybe find ways to fine tune it. Second-guessing yourself is not how you got into business, and it isn’t the way to stay in business. If you are producing positive results, why in the world would you abandon the strategy? Every time you change course, it is like starting over - which means more