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December 2012

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Around December each year, we fix our eyes on the coming New Year.  We envision bigger successes, both personal and professional.  We are full of hope and ready to work hard, right after we get back from vacation.  So, what is it that will make 2013 even better than this year?  Well, it starts with taking a good look at 2012…right now. Businesses cannot grow based solely on an inspirational New Year’s resolution, although inspiration is always a good start.  It takes a good hard look at what has happened up until this point, then some solid planning.  It’s a hectic time of year

Have you ever thought that there just has to be one thing you could do to propel your business to financial glory?  You are not alone.  Business owners constantly scour competitors advertising in search of the missing link.  While it is always good to keep an eye on the competition, proceed with caution.  From the outside, you have no idea what is bringing their success, or what their books look like. There are a lot of illusions out there. Illusion #1:  With a great new website, I should be at the top of Google search results.  After all, my web designer put SEO into

Do you lower your gaze and mumble when someone asks if you have a company website? If so, I would guess that it has something to do with the fact that the website was created circa 1997 in basic HTML. Or, perhaps you designed one last month just before you ordered new business cards with a different look or logo. You may still be wondering if the free or low cost drag-and-drop site was the way to go; but, at least you have one you tell yourself. Some of you may not even know if you have a website. Your “guy” said he

In the excitement of growing a business, almost all owners sometimes wonder if they could be doing more. That is when they look for someone outside to tell them what is wrong. My best advice? If you have a marketing strategy that is working, you should stick with it - maybe find ways to fine tune it. Second-guessing yourself is not how you got into business, and it isn’t the way to stay in business. If you are producing positive results, why in the world would you abandon the strategy? Every time you change course, it is like starting over - which means more

Social Media is still hot and will likely remain so until something comes along to unseat it. The problem is most companies that are doing Facebook on their own (it's easy, right?) are doing things wrong that can sabotage their own success. If your business is on Facebook, there are common mistakes that should be avoided. The point is to create interesting content that engages your target audience. Anything else is a waste of your time and money. As well, you are blowing a golden opportunity to grow your base of fanatics. There's actually a science behind keeping a social media presence. Yes, it's

I was reading my daily dose of email newsletters, when I came across an old, but great article from www.searchengineland.com. It covered seven reasons about how now is a great time for a pay per click (ppc) campaign. These are discussions I have had with many people – this article did it succinctly in one page. Here’s a little help to make it even easier for you rule the next marketing discussion. Here is a summary of the article that discusses the untapped potential in this channel. Most of your untapped potential online marketing action is on the PPC side even though the the

During this year's SXSW media week in Austin, TX, Google did something out of character. It was something so big that we must all take heed. You have to understand the history before I announce what it is. previously, Google was usually closed lipped on algorithm changes and became more so after BING proved to be a possible threat. However, this big over the shoulder statement flowed as easy as poison in the ears of many SEO companies.  They announced the impending launch of a new over-optimization penalty to “level the playing ground.” The disclosure came during an open panel — entitled “Dear

A funny thing happened on the way to this blog.  I was going to write about one thing, but I noticed a key thing missing from most websites and ad campaigns. It’s simple – really. I really zero in on it probably due to my marketing background (that began with a major award in high school) and an MBA long before I really got involved in Internet Marketing (SEO and SEM).  On a daily basis, I devour television commercials, see newspaper and magazine ads as well as billboards and I can blow holes in them based on marketing fundamentals. Even reading the average business taglines/slogans I come across every day sends me in internal fits. The same can be true when it comes to many, many companies and their Internet websites and presence. It seems  sometimes Internet pros forget the marketing part.

So we finally started one. The Spiral Cities blog, your resource for all things marketing, is here. If I had to name the most powerful Internet Marketing tool in the competitive business arena, the answer is simple. There isn't one. It’s not any one strategy, inspiring tweets, or even a bank account brimming with marketing dollars waiting to be purposed. It's not SEO, SEM or Social Media. There are tricks, hot trends and insider scoops; but, most don’t stand the test of time. What you really need is solid knowledge - solid marketing.