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We help companies grow through inventive, effective websites, digital marketing & SEO campaigns where MARKETING is the difference. The fastest growing companies in the world are using the internet effectively.
If you’re going to compete, you’ll need to do something that not only stands out, but it works. We make that happen.

Paid Search, SEO, Websites and Social Media Experts

The Right Marketing Finds The Right People

Our web design is always based on sound marketing principles.  We don’t follow trends unless they are proven to work. Our online marketing (Paid Search, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization) campaigns make sure your business gets found in Google, Yahoo! and BING or social media for relevant searches that bring you customers. As a top ranking SEO and marketing company, we transform your website and web presence to provide a clear path to not just getting found, but to making sure the right people find you.

Here’s The Quick Version of What We Do:

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Spiral Cities Internet Marketing Campaigns:

  • Attract new customers through Google, Bing, Yahoo & online directories
  • Leverage the ability of social media to make brand fanatics rather than gather useless likes.
  • Ensure that when potential clients search for your product or service, you don’t just get found – you get found with the right message
  • Save you valuable time to dedicate to other, critical jobs like running your business
  • Save you money by focusing efforts on buyers and not random traffic
  • Create fanatics that will spread the word about your products and services

Let Us Tame The Google Beast

Get a daily view of just how busy Google is in making algorithm changes to it’s search engine rankings (SERPs). Just like in real life, red means run – massive upheaval, orange means check your rankings, green means they are not changing much


We will always work on behalf of our clients. Their success is our success – period. This is achieved through expertise, transparency, and total accountability. -Jon C. Coward, Founder, CEO and Internet Fanatic

Some of the Companies We Have Worked With

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